Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring Landscaping, Cleanup and Gardening Sevices

After those long winter months, many lawns are covered once again with leaves,sticks, and storm debris from snow storms. Wall Landscape Services offers Spring Clean-ups to all lawn maintenance customers that like there lawn to look pristine and clean. We perform our Spring Cleanup starting in early March and normally end in early April. The Spring Clean-up is a one time clean-up and it gets your lawn ready and rejuvenated for the growing season. Below is a list of services we provide when we do a Spring Clean-up at your house. Some of the services are included and others are an additional charge which will require contacting us before services are performed to get pricing on.

During our Spring Clean-up visits we perform the following:

  1. Removal of all winter debris that has accumulated during the winter months.
  2. We blow off all lawn surfaces, planting bed areas, and driveway surfaces.
  3. Edge along your property, sidewalks, and all curb lines.
  4. Check your Gutters and if needed blow them out.
  5. De-thatch areas where needed.
  6. Edge all of your planting beds where needed.
  7. If whole lawn needs dethatching (additional charge).
  8. Apply a pre-emergent to all beds where weeds may grow (additional charge).
  9. Apply proper nutrients needed for certain acid loving plants (additional Charge).
  10. Apply a Spring Fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds (additional charge).
  11. Planting beds-tree rings should be re-mulched during the Spring time (additional charge).
  12. Some of the above may require an additional charge so please feel free to contact us prior to the visit for the (additional charged items) that are listed above.

Feel free to contact Tommy at (862) 684-2215 with any questions or pricing concerns regarding our Spring Cleanup services.


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