Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Lawn Cutting Service (Parsippany Area)

Lawn Cutting Service
When the Spring Cleanups are complete and your early application of spring fertilizer is applied, the lawn and turf areas on your property come out of there winter hibernation and begin growing. Normally during the time that snow has already melted, and the ground is starting the thaw out. The tempeture from end of March to Mid-April ranges from 50-70 degrees which is ideal for the grass to start growing.

The importance of mowing the lawn once a week is very critical to healthy growth, weed free lawn, and also good results applying fertilizer. Each visit there should not be more than 1/3 of the grass plain removed from the lawn which means if you take more or less off, you are stressing out the grass and it results it poor looking grass. When fertilizer is applied to your lawn, the grass wants to grow and by cutting it once a week you are keeping it healthy and it continues to grow and create a strong root system. The lawn mower blades must be sharpened at minimum once a week to make sure that you are cutting the grass and not ripping the lawn which results in browning or yellowing at the tips. Also during the spring months its better to collect all grass clippings because of the growth of the lawn vs. in the summer its better to mulch the clippings back into the lawn to keep feeding it nutrients.

At Wall Landscape Services we provide weekly lawn cutting starting once the grass begins to grow normally around Early to Mid-April. During our weekly lawn visits our crew mows all lawn areas, edges around the entire property, removes all grass clippings depending on the time of the year (during the summer its better to recycle to grass clippings back into the lawn to feed the lawn natural nutrients such as nitrogen and water), and we also blow off all paved surfaces to remove accumilated debris. We take great care of our equiptment by regurarly changing the oil, belts, and sharpening our blades 2 times a week to make sure when we visit your property we are cutting the blades of the grass to keep the healthy.

Call us today at (862) 684-2215 for a free property evaluation so that we can begin cutting your lawn before it gets out of control.