Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Lawn Cutting Service (Parsippany Area)

Lawn Cutting Service
When the Spring Cleanups are complete and your early application of spring fertilizer is applied, the lawn and turf areas on your property come out of there winter hibernation and begin growing. Normally during the time that snow has already melted, and the ground is starting the thaw out. The tempeture from end of March to Mid-April ranges from 50-70 degrees which is ideal for the grass to start growing.

The importance of mowing the lawn once a week is very critical to healthy growth, weed free lawn, and also good results applying fertilizer. Each visit there should not be more than 1/3 of the grass plain removed from the lawn which means if you take more or less off, you are stressing out the grass and it results it poor looking grass. When fertilizer is applied to your lawn, the grass wants to grow and by cutting it once a week you are keeping it healthy and it continues to grow and create a strong root system. The lawn mower blades must be sharpened at minimum once a week to make sure that you are cutting the grass and not ripping the lawn which results in browning or yellowing at the tips. Also during the spring months its better to collect all grass clippings because of the growth of the lawn vs. in the summer its better to mulch the clippings back into the lawn to keep feeding it nutrients.

At Wall Landscape Services we provide weekly lawn cutting starting once the grass begins to grow normally around Early to Mid-April. During our weekly lawn visits our crew mows all lawn areas, edges around the entire property, removes all grass clippings depending on the time of the year (during the summer its better to recycle to grass clippings back into the lawn to feed the lawn natural nutrients such as nitrogen and water), and we also blow off all paved surfaces to remove accumilated debris. We take great care of our equiptment by regurarly changing the oil, belts, and sharpening our blades 2 times a week to make sure when we visit your property we are cutting the blades of the grass to keep the healthy.

Call us today at (862) 684-2215 for a free property evaluation so that we can begin cutting your lawn before it gets out of control.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wall Landscape Services Movie

Wall Landscape Services video covers all of our landscaping and construction services. We perform simple tasks like mulching, planting, seeding and perform more complicated tasks like installing property drainage systems, all types of masonry work, and property grading. 

We are in the process of making many more videos in the future for DIY homeowners and also homeowners in need of landscaping work.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Landscape Consultations Over Winter

Winter is a great time to go over all of your plans and renovations needs for the exterior of your house. Most Landscaping companies provide snow removal over the winter months but some winters like this winter snow fall lacks. Now is a great time to call and meet with Wall Landscaping Services to go over your landscaping needs because with no snow being on the ground it makes it easy to measure and photo document to prepare estimates. All of our estimates are prepared within 1-2 days, so you know what the job will cost and also we contact the local municipalities to see if any permits may be needed. Most building permits take several weeks to get approved so winter is great to plan, so permits are issued in time for Spring.

Based on information given at initial meeting, we can either have our preferred landscape designer draw up a plan or if no designer is needed we can prepare an outline of the job. Once the outline-design is drawn, we meet again with the estimate and the drawings to go over the details. If everything works out as planned, a signed contract will be issued and any permits required will be approved before work will begin.

Once everything is approved and permission is given, we give a date and time we will begin the work. The work will be begin when stated and will be finished within budget and on schedule. We don't start other jobs at the same time until we finish your job, and the owner is always present on all construction-installation jobs.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Spring Landscaping, Cleanup and Gardening Sevices

After those long winter months, many lawns are covered once again with leaves,sticks, and storm debris from snow storms. Wall Landscape Services offers Spring Clean-ups to all lawn maintenance customers that like there lawn to look pristine and clean. We perform our Spring Cleanup starting in early March and normally end in early April. The Spring Clean-up is a one time clean-up and it gets your lawn ready and rejuvenated for the growing season. Below is a list of services we provide when we do a Spring Clean-up at your house. Some of the services are included and others are an additional charge which will require contacting us before services are performed to get pricing on.

During our Spring Clean-up visits we perform the following:

  1. Removal of all winter debris that has accumulated during the winter months.
  2. We blow off all lawn surfaces, planting bed areas, and driveway surfaces.
  3. Edge along your property, sidewalks, and all curb lines.
  4. Check your Gutters and if needed blow them out.
  5. De-thatch areas where needed.
  6. Edge all of your planting beds where needed.
  7. If whole lawn needs dethatching (additional charge).
  8. Apply a pre-emergent to all beds where weeds may grow (additional charge).
  9. Apply proper nutrients needed for certain acid loving plants (additional Charge).
  10. Apply a Spring Fertilizer with pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds (additional charge).
  11. Planting beds-tree rings should be re-mulched during the Spring time (additional charge).
  12. Some of the above may require an additional charge so please feel free to contact us prior to the visit for the (additional charged items) that are listed above.

Feel free to contact Tommy at (862) 684-2215 with any questions or pricing concerns regarding our Spring Cleanup services.

Winter Time Snow Removal

Winter is all around us and no one wants to be stuck with a not shoveled driveway, front staircase, or pedestrian sidewalks. Wall Landscape Services offers residential snow removal to help relieve the stresses on all of our customers from lifting heavy snow and getting tickets issued for not cleaning there front sidewalks. We guarantee within a certain amount of time from when the snow stops we will be at your property to remove snow off all your cars, driveways, walkways, and also at the apron of your driveway where the township plows leave those huge piles of snow and ice. We also will happily apply a DE-icing agent to all your surfaces to prevent re-icing once the snow melts. For more information contact Tommy at (862) 684-2215.

All of our Prices are different from customer to customer so please feel free to give us a call for a free property evaluation on what you should have done as well as options that are custom for your household needs.