Friday, February 17, 2012

Landscape Consultations Over Winter

Winter is a great time to go over all of your plans and renovations needs for the exterior of your house. Most Landscaping companies provide snow removal over the winter months but some winters like this winter snow fall lacks. Now is a great time to call and meet with Wall Landscaping Services to go over your landscaping needs because with no snow being on the ground it makes it easy to measure and photo document to prepare estimates. All of our estimates are prepared within 1-2 days, so you know what the job will cost and also we contact the local municipalities to see if any permits may be needed. Most building permits take several weeks to get approved so winter is great to plan, so permits are issued in time for Spring.

Based on information given at initial meeting, we can either have our preferred landscape designer draw up a plan or if no designer is needed we can prepare an outline of the job. Once the outline-design is drawn, we meet again with the estimate and the drawings to go over the details. If everything works out as planned, a signed contract will be issued and any permits required will be approved before work will begin.

Once everything is approved and permission is given, we give a date and time we will begin the work. The work will be begin when stated and will be finished within budget and on schedule. We don't start other jobs at the same time until we finish your job, and the owner is always present on all construction-installation jobs.


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