Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Time Snow Removal

Winter is all around us and no one wants to be stuck with a not shoveled driveway, front staircase, or pedestrian sidewalks. Wall Landscape Services offers residential snow removal to help relieve the stresses on all of our customers from lifting heavy snow and getting tickets issued for not cleaning there front sidewalks. We guarantee within a certain amount of time from when the snow stops we will be at your property to remove snow off all your cars, driveways, walkways, and also at the apron of your driveway where the township plows leave those huge piles of snow and ice. We also will happily apply a DE-icing agent to all your surfaces to prevent re-icing once the snow melts. For more information contact Tommy at (862) 684-2215.

All of our Prices are different from customer to customer so please feel free to give us a call for a free property evaluation on what you should have done as well as options that are custom for your household needs.


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