Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Cleanup for Yard, Lawn and Leaves

Our Fall Cleanup service is the process of removing all leaves, branches and other debris that have accumulated over the course of the summer season throughout your property and landscape beds and hauling it away from your property. This service is a great way to prepare your lawn and property for the New Jersey winter season.

We visit both commercial and residential properties several times during the fall time to remove leaves and branches from all lawn and garden surfaces. This process doesn't only leave the property looking clean but it also prevents any disease from forming or fungal infections from the decomposition of unwanted leaves on surfaces. We can apply a winterize fertilizer which has a slow released nitrogen, so in the Spring time, your lawn comes up looking green. We also offer all sorts of aeration and seeding options which will fill in any bare spots your lawn may have encountered during the hot summer months.

If you don't want to pay the labor rates for a fall cleanup but have no where to put the leaves, call us and we will remove your pile for you at a reasonable price.

Contact Wall Landscape Services @ (862)684-2215,, or


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